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Credit Re-builder Program

Enroll today and let’s get your credit back to perfect! We provide a genuine Road Map for you to see how quickly this is done with real bank financing.

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How do we do it?

Great Question!

We use our 28 years of Finance Experience and have partnered with our Canadian Major Banks to allow you an opportunity to build credit. As long as you are currently employed and earn over $2000 a month we can get you qualified for this extraordinary program that has helped BC residents since 2012.

Check out our testimonials from customers that enrolled and have now completely repaired their credit. Check us out on Google too!

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We are the ONLY finance company that shows real results and allows you to reference check us. ALL our testimonials can be verified by YOU! No other car dealer allows you the opportunity to verify the authenticity of their Testimonials. No phone numbers to actually see if the testimonial is true or not…. What is the point of putting a testimonial on a website page if the consumer can not verify if it is real or not?

At Guaranteed Auto Loans, ALL our Testimonials are just a phone call away. This is how we have become BC 1st Choice for Auto Loans.

Fill out our application and let us get you enrolled today!

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January 2020

I reached out to a few credit re-builders and none was able to help me except for one and that’s Guaranteed Auto Loans. It wasn’t that easy rebuilding my credit and getting the car that I wanted but with the help of Rob and Ed I was able to improve my situation. My credit score improved and I now drive the vehicle that I wanted. I wanna say thank you to Rob and Ed and Guaranteed Auto Loans for all the help.

(778) 989-1602

March 2020

Hi Rob, just posted a 5 star review. You and your staff really deserve all 5 stars. I just like to say that you’ve always treated me with respect and honesty, and all your guys I’ve worked with have always done the same. I thank you for all your help over the years and we have accomplished exactly what you said we would the first day we talked. I’ve been able to rebuild my credit thanks in large part to you.

All the best

Clayton Patterson

(604) 805-3390

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